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and these are the words that tore me apart... [entries|friends|calendar]

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i hate you so much right now. i love you so much right now. [25 Sep 2004|09:42pm]

but really add it.


heart x jenn
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i can see it in your eyes... [19 Sep 2004|10:59pm]


add it!

and the people that are already on
my friends list are the ones that
wanted to stay added when i made my
livejournal friends only.
so if you still wanna be freinds add
me and tell me :o) i love you guys.
so dont forget to



you were smiling, you were smiling baby... [16 Sep 2004|01:03am]
new background and title and such...
dead poetic <3

and the lryics ont he background
kinda go with the whole joe situation.
cus i feel like everytime i hung out
with him now cus that was like a
rountine for me...i was just having
a knife stuck in my back. yep.
so it goes with what is going on
in my life right now.

that is all. <3

[13 Sep 2004|02:07pm]
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budapest auto repair.. [13 Sep 2004|02:05pm]
so im watching my girl 2. yep.
interesting eh? haha

welp friends only sign is going up
right after this post. i might just
delete about everyone until they comment.
so dont think ihave something against you.
i love you guys :o) well most of ya
anyway haha and if you dont get to my
journal for awhile just comment and i
will readd ya :o) unless you did something
harsh to me. haha

here we go. for real this time.
friends only biatch <3
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turn turn turn.... [10 Sep 2004|03:16pm]


and my journal will become friends only
very soon. so if you want to stay friends
as soon as i get the friends only sign up
THEN comment to be added or stay added.

thank you :o) <3

step one: we can have lots of fun... [10 Sep 2004|12:33am]
[ mood | crushed ]

im so effin crushed.
new kids on the block was not reunited.
jordan and jon were up for it tho.
jordan is my <3. hahahah wow.

so on for pics. lots of them.
warped and other things. <3

i remember when things just weren't the same..Collapse )</3 jenn

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you fancy me dead [09 Sep 2004|05:09pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yesterday work was okay, i worked on
the floor. it was hard finding where
everything was, but time flew by.

after work i came home and took a
shower and then went over pinkys.
we chilled there and ate and watched
some senses fail on fuse. after that
we went to cincinnati mills. i like
that place a lot. we had mucho fun!
the dollar store. oh god hahaha
i'll have some pics up sometime.
i swear. ive just been busy and lazy.
so yesterday was a good day.


other thoughts.

so im wondering...
will things ever be the same with joe?
i tried to talk to him but he was
going to take a walk. understandable.
but it feels so tense between us.
and i dont know why.
im loosing one of my closest friends.
am i that bad of a person?
do i deserve it?
actually do we[pinky + i] deserve it?
and people wonder why we always say
no one likes us or they like us then
leave us. yeah cus its the effin truth.
i can barely take it anymore.
and i've met some awesome people hanging
out with joe and if joe is gone so are
they. grrrrr.
wtf. my friends are what keep me going.
and i probably lost a few now.
great. so effin great.
i thought this high school loosing friends
part of my life was over.

i have pinky and a couple others.
im grateful for that.
i just wish i had a couple other back.


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my heart, your hands... [07 Sep 2004|02:07pm]
hiii i work today from 4 to 10.
i dont feel like working till 10.
cus i probably have to close my drawer.
but whatev. im still having trouble
with those rain checks. blah.

so PUNCHLINE isnt playing sat! now...
sad. but it still might work out.
and if it doesnt pinky + i are prob.
going to the underground so we can
see someone..and maybe that guy will
be there :o) hehe. we'll see.

so i forgot to say what happened
monday night. it was soo effin funny.
well ryan has this sense of humor
that is strange and he wanted to buy
condoms for the hell of it. well
he wanted me to carry them up tho
cus it would "be more funny" to him.
well we picked out the color/scents and
taste ones haha. so we bought them
the lady just looked at us [she was
reallllly old] so we got them and
we went to the car and the colors
are so pretty haha ryan was cracking
up cus we just wanted to see the colors.
god we are so effin lame. and i blew
the orange one up and well it doesnt
taste good so ppl that are having sex/oral
sex dont taste the orange ones hahaha
wow. more to the story but ishould
of left this one alone haha.

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glen's the man... [06 Sep 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | blank ]

yesterday...work was okay.
it started out bad cus i kept needing
help. and they started me out with NO ONE
there with me! so i had to keep paging
managers. i still cant get the rain checks
down. but hopefully things will get better.
there was a bitchy older woman. grrr.
but there was some funny people too. it was great cus some older gal was talking to me about the hurricane and saying how someone called that this was going to happen if people dont turn their lives around. and that it's happening cus there is too much evil in this world.

anyway...im watching drive me crazy. i actually really like this movie. tis sad at parts tho. not like crying sad but ya know. haha im so lame. but i work tomorrow. blah. but it's not till 4. and i work on wed. then i dont work till sunday. so thats good.


cant wait. 2 mutha effin days. im a row! haha

mucho love. <3

i know that last night was fireworks
but i think joe invited pinky + i to
go to some with him tonight or maybe
it was last night. well it never happened :-/
i think he hates us.
i knew a friendship like that was too
good to be true. see always happens.
almost EVERY friend we get this is how
it ends. they get distant and its nothing
anymore. why the hell does it happen to
us all the time? i dont get it.


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whats the point at being the best, if it brings out the worst in you? [05 Sep 2004|06:23am]

i work today from 8 to 4.
im scurred cus teena wont be there
to help me and im still trying to
learn some things.

last night i made me a purse.
and then later pinky + i went
to colerain park and met up with
ryan to see a band. well the band
was full of ppl we didnt like.
and it was sooo bad. god it was funny.
haha very humorous. i love going to
the park shows cus its everyone that
doesnt like us and we dont like.
yessss. haha

ladybugs is on.
i <3 this movie.

the end for now. <3
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thinking about what could of been... [04 Sep 2004|01:50am]
[ mood | artistic ]



Last movie you seen in theater?
the notebook

And your favorite part was..?
a lot of them. but the first time he randomly asked her to dance and they slow danced in the street. it was beauty. and it's one of my all times wishes.

what's in your dvd/vhs player?
In my room: dvd - ghost world.
vhs - tape that i taped some stuff on including the boys night out vid <3
and in the living room: say anything and underworld..and 3 cds of my moms and traps.

Name 10 movies you love..
. Crazy/Beautiful
. The Notebook
. Say Anything
. Pretty in Pink
. sixteen candles
. billy madison
. grease
. alice in wonderland
. cinderella
. spiderman 2


Last song you listened too?
on tv - daria theme song...
on cd - Paradise - by army of freshmen <3

Favorite lyric of that song?
ill just do the aof song..
its between these two lines..
last night well i couldnt sleep
when i think of you i can never sleep..

so many people felt that way for you
but like me they never said it out loud to you

Cd's in your cd player..?
Silverstein, kanye west and Flogging molly..<3
and in my cd rom - army of freshmen. <3

Name Ten bands/artists you love...
. Yellowcard
. Punchline
. Silverstein
. Army of Freshmen
. Unsung Zeros
. The Ramones
. Kanye West
. Jay-z
. Boys Night Out
. The postal service


Last show you watched...?

Favorite part of the episode...?
when they were talking about the tell-tale heart and britney was like "oh i just love romance...blah blah..." yeah..haha

name Ten shows you love...
. the oc
. are you afraid of the dark?
. round house
. one tree hill
. smallville
. full house
. gilmore girls
. 7th heaven
. queer as folk [when i can watch it]

name ten cartoons you love...
. speed racer
. powerpuff girls
. fairly odd parents
. scooby-doo [older ones]
. the smurfs
. aqua teen hungerforce
. hey arnold!
. rockos modern life
. charlie brown
. snorks

.....umm yeah that is all.
so lame. but i was bored. <3

i stenciled on two tote bags.
not fully finished tho.
not the best but i tried :o)
pinkys is cute.
ill take pics soon.


i hope this song will guide you home... [03 Sep 2004|03:57pm]
i survived my first day of work.
and i work sunday. eeek. im still
scared cus i'll be alone then.
and its soo much stuff to remember.
ah i'll live.
pinky + jason came up and seen me :o)

so last night pinky + i went to
walmart and got some paint and tote bags.
and we tried to do some stenciling.
i stayed over here.

soo that means im still over pinkys :o)
and we are just trying to make her
a cute dress. i hope it turns out.

that is all.
the end. <3
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turn the radio up and we'll sing... [01 Sep 2004|02:02pm]
new icon i made last night at pinkys :o)
its kanye... <3

2 hours till i start the job.
ah im nervous!
but teena is training me! woot. <3
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oh such beauty... [01 Sep 2004|01:57am]
[ mood | in awe ]

today was GREAT!!

i start tomorrow from 4 to 10!
come visit me :o)
its walgreens by northgate.

then..pinky came and got me and we
went to great clips she got her hurr
cut :o) cute!! and we went to walmart.
i just went to her house we helped with
the food and grilled out. yummmm.
i made some icons for her and i and a
bckgrd for her on her photoshop.
and we went and saw the notebook.


that is the perfect word to describe it.
god. i loved it. one of my fav. movies.

that movie like was lovely cus it showed
that you can get into fights all the time
with the one that you love, but that
doesnt matter. the fact is that you love
them no matter what.

i got teared up a lot. the end i cried.
gosh so beautiufl. yet so sad.

one of my wishes if you guys really
know me was to have someone randomly
ask me to slow dance. there doesnt have
to be music just me in the arms of the
one i adore.

well...that happened in that movie.
god ahhh. i love it im sorry. i just
cant stop thinking about it.

i want someone to love me that way.
it would be wonderful.

i wanna be loved.

the end.

p.s. lookie what tink72 made ME!


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whenever i'm with you i feel safe and warm... [30 Aug 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | full ]

i am oh so much better now :o)

tomorrow night pinky + i are gonna go
see the notebook! i cant wait :o)

and i might get my haircut if i can
get the money. even if i cant, i'm
gonna go with pinky to get hers cut.

walgreens still hasnt called.
maybe the drug test results are taking
longer than expected.

so i need to start reading again.
i've been slacking these past couple
weeks. i just need to get my life
all straightened out and just be
happy :o)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

oooh yes and if anyone has a color code
for a grayish color that matches the
outside of my kanye pic on my bkgrd.
please tell me cus it looks lame with the
white. <3

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the time has come... [30 Aug 2004|02:16am]
sorry for this 3rd post tonight..

i finally saw yc winning on the vma's.
i hate mtv.
but i had tears in my eyes seeing them
in ryans. my favorite band has finally
gotten big. and its sad yet so good
for them.
i hate it tho, at their shows its not
the same anymore.
but look how happy they were.
they deserve the best.
i'll miss the little yc tho.

forever i will love them.
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all falls down.... [30 Aug 2004|12:31am]
god. i kanye.

enough said. <3

|but jay-z is still my man too|

this was a post that doesnt really
matter to anyone except for me haha

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don't turn on me. [29 Aug 2004|11:47pm]
sweets + heat + walter + micheal came
and got me and we went to get ms. shermans
kiddies [vanessa + brooke]
we stopped by burger king.
and headed to kings island.
it was a good time, but i wish we could
of rode more rides. I MET COSMO!
haha and wanda, spongebob, patrick,
arnold and some others. haha i wanna
marry cosmo. wow im totally lame saying
that about a cartoon fairy ha
but patrick squeezed my head with his
arm. it hurt. :-/
so we left around 7 and i went back to
shermans w/ sweets so we could babysit.
and i met matt. he seems nice.
and then sweets + matt dropped me off.
i wish pinky could of been there tho.
ooh yeah and we saw autumn, jen and zach.

that is all. :o)

fill out. please <3
[took from babyseat - keepmeonawire]

o name:
o age:
o where on earth do you live:
o reason behind your LJ username:
o five things you want to do/accomplish before you die:
o what makes you happy:
o what have you been listening to lately:
o do you enjoy reading my LJ:
o if so, why:
o interesting fact about you:
o are you in love at the moment:
o favorite destination:
o favorite quote:
o will you post this in your LJ:

o a movie (that amazes you - a beautiful movie):
o a book (that inspires you, and one you couldn't put down):
o a musical artist, song, or album:
o your favorite LJ user (not on my list already):
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stop and think... [29 Aug 2004|01:00am]
[ mood | weird ]

amy + i went to the mall.
we ran into melanie + matt + i think
her name is jessica and some other guy.
i am SO happy i got to see mel + matt.
i <3 them. so i talked to mel for awhile.
we then headed our diff. ways and amy + i
just drove around. and we went to udf.
david was working again. he's so bad.
so we got something to drink and we called
jessica and she said we could go over
matts to kill time before our movie.
so we watched some of taking lives and
our movie already started. so no harry
potter :o( but we decided to leave cus
we didnt wanna bother them so we went and
saw white chicks. it sucked at first,
but it has funny parts and some really
bad lame parts. so that was my night.
and another night that my horoscope was
riiight! cus it said that tonight was
another night of plans changing. haha
im lame with my whole horoscope things.

tomorrow sweets wants me to go to ki with
her. we'll see if that happens. cus things
can always change. she is taking ms. shermans
kids and had another free friend pass.
i gotta wake up in a few hours then.
but i cant sleep blah.

Everybody's waiting for that something
they can hold on to while tripping over
our own words to self-dug graves for an
excuse to fall cause failure's just as
sweet as the last.



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